Wednesday, November 23, 2022

overlander VW van... how they get traction, or power, is a mystery to me (but they mentioned it on their facebook page)

2180cc from Westy Restorations, Parts and Accessories. 
Carbs rebuilt and oil pump cover by BlackLine Racing, 
Transmission is a heavy duty case,  4.12 RP with a .89 4th gear, 1.26 3rd gear, BlackLine Racing built it for the mountain passes and dirt roads
A sweet sounding and top quality exhaust from A-1 Performance Exhaust Systems. 
Panchito heads from CB Performance.


  1. G'day Jesse, well,the Splittie Kombi was an awesome two wheel drive vehicle,particularly in soft,sandy conditions. Mainly due to it's weight over the drive wheels and independant swing axles which were then geared down through reduction boxes at the wheels.I think these were mainly for compensation of early 30-36hp. engines.I can attest to their superior performance off road due my younger years in surfing,here in South Aus. It was no trouble,with a mere 40hp., to leave Falcons and Holdens way behind when we hit the sandy tracks,or rough dirt/gravel for that matter!Those swing axles would just jump and dig right in and plough on through.If you want,google the Australian "REDeX Trials" of the early '50's. Beetle's won that event many times. There was no back up teams with replacement parts back in those days! Love your work,Man! Cheers,Rob.