Monday, September 18, 2017

such a damn shame that such a talented actor was ascending to the height of his career and threw it away

I wonder if he realized how damn good he was, did he figure he'd peaked? That to continue on might be to trip and fall flat, and ruin his reputation? I wonder about these things with the "died too young" set. I wonder what they might have done if they'd lived longer. Like Hendrix, Cobain, etc.


  1. Michael Keaton was a very good Batman, showing the layer of madness just beneath the surface. Can't see anyone playing The Joker better than Heath Ledger did. Here's my favorite scene - I remember thinking, when I saw it, that he'd definitely get a (posthumous) Oscar for best supporting actor.

    1. yeah, the disappearing pencil trick! I saw that too, but went with this clip as he was on screen longer without all the cuts to the other actors in the room. Not as much excitement, but the acting... damn. Perfect tone, twitch, and delivery

    2. Notice how his eyes move when he says "...these cops and lawyers wouldn't dare cross any of you". I've seen that clip at least once a week for years and years.