Tuesday, September 19, 2017

In 1911, Philip Strauss invented the first successful pneumatic tire, which was a combination tire and air filled inner tube.

He applied an invention of his father Alexander Strauss and produced “a combination fabric reinforced hardened rubber tire and rubber inner tube”.
 Note: On December 2, 1890, Alexander Strauss and Joseph F Bromley were granted US patent 441,820; “Tire for Vehicles and Wheels”.

The word tire is believed to be derived from the word "attire", referring to the dressing of the wheel by the wheelwright.

The 1st solid rubber tire was produced in 1846 by Thomas Hancock

The early pneumatic tires were mainly covered with leather, some held together by rivets or laced.

In 1898 Frank Seiberling founded the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company, naming the company in honour of Charles Goodyear (1800-60) who in 1839, by adding sulphur to melted latex,  invented the vulcanised hard wearing rubber that the first rubber tires were to be made from.  It wasn’t until 1844 that Goodyear applied for and was granted US patent #3,633 for vulcanized rubber.


Getting even further back into history, Thompson of Aberdeen was the 1st to put India Rubber to road wheels
from the book Motor Cars by Alexander James Wallis-Thayer

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