Wednesday, September 20, 2017

GMC has a new type of gear selector in the 2018 Terrain, right after Ezra Dyer did an article on why new shifters are stupid wastes of time

Let’s say a designer comes to me and says, “We’re thinking about this new idea for a shifter.”

I’ll say: “Stop right there. It’s stupid.”

The shifter is a solved problem. Enough with the novel shifters.

But this designer just has to explain how the dowdy shifter is about to become sexy, modern, and so very it. TMZ will hound this shifter. This shifter will have 2.7 million followers on social media. If this shifter were a hotel, it would have no front desk and you’d check in through Snap, and maybe the elevator would be, like, hidden in a tree that you climb inside like an elf.


  1. As stupid ideas go this one is a classic. Good Grief.

  2. Between this and the rotary knobs that Chrysler is using, I see the next version of unintended acceleration lawsuits.