Monday, September 18, 2017

Goodwood Revival 2017

The J40 was born out of the car manufacturer Austin’s desire to do something in the community. It’s an idea that is commonplace these days for big businesses, but in July of 1949 it was pretty groundbreaking stuff from a marketing and PR perspective.

The factory set up to build these cars was based in a mining community in Wales, built to give jobs to the men that had become disabled through accidents.

The cars were put together from scraps of materials left over from construction of other Austin vehicles, and they were more or less being manufactured in exactly the same way as their bigger roadworthy brothers.

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  1. Those are Austin J40s..."J" for Junior. Constructed in a dedicated factory in South Wales as a project injured coal miners, I believe. Friend of mine had one years ago. The quality of the little thing was off the scale.

    1. yes, I posted about that last year