Sunday, February 26, 2017

In the 1960s and 70's, Jim Beam was producing cool collectible decanters to spur sales when bourbon fell out of favor, and the company was faced with a glut. An executive realized that having decorative bottles produced would sell a lot of bourbon

Jim Beam released collectable decanters that started a chain reaction, other liquor companies followed Beam’s lead like Canadian Mist, and Jack Daniels

The makers of Jim Beam point to a collectors group, the International Association of Jim Beam Bottle and Specialties Clubs based in Madison, Wis.

Shelia Gillingham is the club's executive administrator. She said the association was formed in 1971 and has members in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Portugal, the Netherlands, England, Japan and Germany.

it is very likely the liquid inside is not fit to drink any longer, even if it stayed sealed.

If the Jim Beam whiskey in it is still amber but not cloudy, it probably would be drinkable, but after it is removed from the oak barrel it does not continue to age, there isn't any point to believing that the older the bottle, the better the Jim Beam. Buy a new bottle if you want to drink it, buy an old one if you want to collect the bottles

There were around 3300 different decorative bottles made, and they celebrated everything from whore houses in Nevada to submarines. There is even a collector that has a museum of them in Akron Ohio.


  1. Is anyone interested in purchasing some of these? I have two that are the old cars and are full with the seals that appear to be unopened. I have one other that the seat of the car was the cork and it broke off, so had to remove the whiskey. Are they worth much?

    1. probably not. Look on ebay to get an idea of what they are worth, I know there were a LOT of people that held onto them as decoration, and they suddenly found a market when Ebay came online, but with so many yard sale and garage sale Ebayers, they simply flooded the market and the prices dropped. Now that Ebay's been selling them, and collectors are savvy to which ones are more rare, etc the prices went up again a bit. Most bottles in great condition go for about 40 dollars, but for the rarer ones. The model T is so common I see several for 20. Why pay someone more than the cheapest one on Ebay?

  2. I have three cars and one train if anyone is interested