Tuesday, February 28, 2017

the Detroit Mower Gang... (since 2012) picking up where Detroit fell down on the job, it closed 74 parks... which, really, only means they stopped mowing them. So this cool group does a Motown Mowdown

No grass too tall, no park too small!

Every other Wednesday in the srping summer and fall, The Mower Gang gets together to mow the abandoned playgrounds of Detroit. They are a crafty crew that refuses to let small budgets and bureaucracy stand in the way of a great playground. Sears donated $20,000 in mowers!

And Every May they throw down a Motown Mowdown.  https://www.facebook.com/events/1182948361813409/

It's The Detroit Mower Gang's largest volunteer event. They mow and clean parks for 12 hours straight. It is a marathon of mowing. Each year they prepare a bunch of parks and playgrounds for the upcoming holiday weekend. It's a great event, and a ton of work.


They even made a 2nd life for the Detroit Dorais velodrome!


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