Tuesday, February 28, 2017

An idea has been brought up by Bruce and Mike, so I open the discussion and call for a vote.

a tip cup.

A way to donate if you feel generous, and want to send a few bucks in my direction

I've been reluctant to put something like this on the blog, as it's been a place you can come and see nothing but entertainment and informative car stuff.

What would I do with the tips? Well, my R/T just found the limit of life on the back tires and there are some other much needed repairs I've been putting off for a long time, like the headers (rusted out) and a leaky brake slave cylinder. You know, things you put up with until you win the lotto

So send in your votes, let me know in the comments or email jbohjkl@yahoo.com if this would be okay, or really out of place. 


  1. Hell yes, a button(link) someplace on the page where you can send some beer money in gratitude for all the free entertainment shouldn't bother anyone. You can ignore it, it won't stop you from reading as you always have. Hundreds of site have them. More than the long hours of gathering and posting content, there are costs. Do you think forgetting your mother-in-laws birthday because you were blogging and your wife is pissed, there is any way to get off cheaply?

    1. You kidder, I'm not crazy enough to get married and share my toys and time! Heck, I don't have enough time to post stuff as it is! I'd double my amount of content if I just had 6 more hours a day to post! Oh, and wow, what I'd be able to do if I were on the road

  2. Just tell me where to sign up! I visit this site virtually every day and I'll be happy to contribute to keep it going.

  3. Jesse,
    You've paid your dues. No one could reasonably think you were doing this for the money, you're not going to plaster the site with adverts and pleas for cash.
    I think most of us would be glad of a chance to say Thank You in a practical way.
    You go guy.

  4. I think a tip cup would be a good thing for you and the blog. You've been doing this for years. Your following is organic. It's about time you reaped a little reward for all your efforts you put into this thing.
    Wishing you the best,

  5. I assume you know the number of visitors you get each day, and I'll bet 99% won't give you an opinion one way or the other. That means they don't give a shit one way or the other. In other words, do it.

    The Old Motor posted this video of a Swedish junkyard.

  6. let me know were Make it EZ..I'm in

  7. you're doing gods work here; I may not agree with all of your opinions, but your blog is on my best websites shortlist. Plus you didn't plaster this site with ads or pop ups, which is great. Definitely a discreet way to say thanks and send you few bucks from one carguy to another would be great. I'm in.

    1. thanks! I'm sorta opinionated, and this is my little outlet to be mouthy on.... but really, isn't everyone opinionated?
      Pop ups and ads, they bug me. Always have.