Wednesday, February 15, 2017

there I was, taking the beast out for a cruise to get a burrito... when I hear flap flap flapity flapity flapity in the rear wheel well. Uh oh.

and now I know why things felt weirdly wobbly in the back. I thought, huh, maybe those old air shock are softening up, or something is finally giving out in the steering and causing a pendulum effect in the back.

Well, I was driving slow though stoplight to stoplight traffic, and trying to think out the problem... I went about 5 miles, and on the way back, about 1/2 way, a sudden flap flap flappity flap.

SO, am I to blame BFG for making a tire that has less life than barnfinds enjoy? Or applaud them for building the tire in a way that kept it from having a blowout?

I was thinking about that as I SLOWLY drove back, burrito forgotten while wondering (after pulling over and looking at the issue) if it would make it, or blow out, or leak out.

On one hand, I had wanted to have a tire smoke out before replacing these tires that are plenty low on tread (but I rarely drive the car anymore, it's 6 bucks a gallon for 100 octane avgas, and 10-12 mpg goes through a lot more than I've been able to afford for a long time) but I figured I had years before I'd need to replace them, I went 40 miles in all of last year.

Well, I think I've had these back tires for 13 or 14 years now, but probably only about 10 thousand miles. Time to replace them


  1. After the Firestone tread separation issue on the Explorers, I think the tire makers said to replace tires after about 10 years, regardless of mileage. You're lucky you weren't going fast when that happened.

    1. Oh, sure, it makes sense to replace tires after a decade... but consider that I only have driven though about 1 tank of gas a year for the past 6 years. Why bother replacing tires when you don't used them, and the car is stored in a garage (out of the sunlight) that has a pretty consistant temp... I planned to do a nice long smokey burn out and then replace them. Also, luck had nothing to do with it... I don't drive that car fast. It's too damn sloppy with the steering, the brakes are all drum (though about as good as drum brakes get, fresh pads, the drums are sweet, and they are power assisted. Seriously, I rarely get over 60 mph, the gears are 3.70s or 4.10s or something not road friendly, but good for drag racing and fast light to light jumps. Fast? Not in that lap belt no air bag ol beast... the faster it goes the worse the gas mileage! I drive it to get the mail, grab a burrito, etc. I'm surprised I don't get a ticket for going to slow in a muscle car!