Thursday, June 25, 2020

wow, bought in September of '48 and was given as a graduation gift. He drove it until 1958 and then the car was just parked in a garage until 2012 and only taken out on occasion. Stored virtually untouched for 54 years.


  1. cool ride, but why does it say "three passenger coupe"? Is there a third seat somewhere?

    1. nope. This has a bench seat, and 3 people can easily fit side by side by side... traveling sales people weren't as fat in the 1940s. They also were not as fussy, and would simply make do with what they had to, no air conditioning, no bucket seats, no FM radio... no seat heaters, no airbags, no crush zones, no tinted glass windows

    2. no radial tires, no disc brakes, no anti lock brakes, no power steering, no automatic transmission, no gps, no cell phones

  2. Note the little square clutch pedal. It says "Safety Clutch" .. The Chrysler/Dodge/Plymouth cars had a torque converter in front of a regular three speed on the column.. You could not use the clutch and come to a full stop without killing the engine..then resume speed (slowly) by advancing the throttle and lettiing go the brake.. or you could drive it as a regular manual transmission..

  3. Is it a six or eight cylinder? The distributor cap is behind the battery but I think there are 8 plug wires.

  4. no seat belts either,
    they were not required in cars until 1965 or 66
    my parents bought a new car every 10 years, I was born in 65 and they bought a new car in 74, so I was 10 before I ever rode in a car that had seat belts. and of course, we never used them, we just crammed them down into the crack so they wouldnt poke you in the butt.

    nicely preserved car.

    hope it goes to a good home, Id love to have something like this, but no garage space and no $$