Thursday, June 25, 2020

Eddie Stinson, interesting biography

Edward Anderson Stinson, Jr. (July 11, 1893 – January 26, 1932) was an American pilot and aircraft manufacturer.

 "Eddie" Stinson was the founder of Stinson Aircraft Company. At the time of his death in 1932 in an air crash, he was the world's most experienced pilot in flight hours, with over 16,000 hours logged.

He was born in July 11, 1893 in Fort Payne, Alabama.

Stinson's oldest sister, Katherine, was an early female aviator. Eddie wanted to fly as well, and learned how to fly at the Wright School in Dayton, Ohio.

 Stinson started exhibition flying in 1912. In World War I, he served as a flight instructor for the United States Army Air Corps at Kelly Field. In 1921, he set a world endurance record for flight.

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  1. The airfield the Stinson's founded, Stinson Municipal Airport, in 1915 is still in operation and is the second oldest airport still functioning in the US as well as the home of the Texas Air Museum.