Thursday, June 25, 2020

Birdstrike makes a big hole and a big mess


  1. The plane is a Spanish CASA military plane. They make them in Seville. The bird died....

  2. This is a Royal Air Force Airbus A400M Atlas. The strike happend during a flight out of Getafe Air Base, Spain. That's significant damage to the fuselage. The A400M is larger than the C-130, but smaller than the C-17. Its used on some of the longer runs the RAF have, such as to the Falkland Islands. Had to do a few of these clean ups on B-52s that had bird strikes on low level missions, its really bad when they make it through the windscreen and hit a crewman.

    1. Thanks for your extensive info, in Spain they mentioned in some media that it was a CASA. Airbus has a factory in Seville (and CASA), i watch them testing the CASA's on Flightradar 24. Bird strikes are bad news in anything that moves very fast. I cracked a windscreen on my V-Class after a very frightning suicide intent with a wee bird. Never had a case of one going through the windscreen so far.