Monday, June 22, 2020

Carlisle Events spokesman said the state withdrew its lawsuit to shut down Carlisle.

Carlisle Events spokesman Mike Garland said the state has withdrawn its claim, and there’s an agreement in principle that will allow the show — which runs through Saturday, June 20 — to continue. The settlement was reached before both sides were scheduled to return to Commonwealth Court for a hearing at noon.

The Carlisle show opened Wednesday, and the Department of Health filed a cease and desist petition the same day. The Department claimed that Carlisle Events did not respond to a letter sent Tuesday which specified that the outdoor event was not permitted to exceed the limit of a 250-person gathering. The limit applies to any public gathering in Cumberland County, currently operating under the green phase of the state’s recovery plan.

In response to the lawsuit, Carlisle Events issued a statement Thursday that said they believed “the Department of Health’s Order is invalid” and further argued that even if the order was valid, the enforcement the department’s guidelines were being applied arbitrarily, as they claim other similar entertainment venues were being allowed to operate without impediment.