Friday, June 26, 2020

If you liked the time compressed restoration of the air compressor a couple months ago, I think you'll love this restoration of a kitchen scale, the machinist is fantastic at remaking everything necessary with a lathe

when watching these restorations, I always change the speed to 2x.

and if you like that, you'll like this


  1. Restoration is art. And an art in itself.

  2. Nice straight knurling job on the scale adjustment. I always sucked at doing knurling because used the checkered Knurling tools, where you had to put so much pressure on it you nearly bent the part, the tool moves slightly in the tool post and gouges, or you try 'just one more' pass to get it perfect and you end up overdoing it.

  3. These restoration videos are fun to watch. I'm cleaning up an old kitchen stool right now, but it only has 4 painted pieces and the chrome plated legs. I was surprised at how well the chrome cleaned up with some steel wool and manual labor.