Thursday, June 25, 2020

Compliment of the day

Tonight I stumbled across a 1934 collections notice tucked inside an old composition book that belonged to my great grandmother. The heading was "Kelley Kar Company" and, curious as to what it was for, I took to Google to find out what it was. I discovered your post as a result. Thanks for the history lesson! :)


  1. Just another example of how amazing this site is!! Thanks a lot!

    1. awww shucks, just a spare time obsession that keeps me out of trouble and has prevented me from accomplishing something useful, like getting a degree or better paying job. It's been incredibly rewarding in making friends and getting access to SEMA though. All told and accounted for, it's worked out great, and I've been addicted to sharing the cool stuff I've come across. Hasn't helped with women at ALL though