Tuesday, January 22, 2019

wow, that plow DUG in! I've seen a lot of plow tackle snow before but never do this


  1. I thought I sent that to you a couple weeks ago. Damn it, I apologize, now why did I walk in this room? lol

    1. You might have, or one just like it. I can't remember nothing after about 10 hours. It's good, and bad. Things I was doing are forgotten, but, all the nonsense of the day is also forgotten. It would be fine if I could blame the memory loss on drugs and alcohol, parties and rock concerts... but I can't.
      I think I've just maxed out the brain storage faculties. I'm 47, I've been a sailor in the Navy, qualified subs, been an electronics tech, quartermaster, machinists mate, and military police. Each of those ratings were fully trained and certified and operating as a full time working professional. So, where most people learn one or two jobs in a life, and have the rest of their life to rest their brain, things happened and I did 4, just while in the Navy. Then I was a cable guy for a couple years, and a factory type mechanic assembler using pnuematics, hydraulics, electrical and mechanical systems to make parts and assemblies from parts.
      On top of all the jobs, I've listened to, and learned songs since age 5, read books and magazines, watched tv and movies, and lived in big cities where you learn all the landmarks, streets, highways, and street names. I think I've memorized Orlando, Honolulu to Aiea City, San Diego, and the highways of LA.
      Then I got into making this website 12 years ago, and all the stuff I've learned in that time?
      I'm pretty sure that's enough to use up what brain memory storage I was ever born with.

  2. This was last year, DelDOT in New Castle Co. DE. They had two of these incidents within a month or two.

  3. I know what you mean, I'm 74 and after several professions, sex/drugs/Rock&Roll, and a couple wives, I think my brain is melting in self defense. LOL