Wednesday, January 23, 2019

the strangest advertisements I've ever seen for an oil company.

Now do YOU feel like you need to buy Shell oil? Me neither. That's how useless and ineffective these are as advertising.

How about now? No? I don't know why they paid money for these... they do nothing for me to get me to think I should buy from Shell

Do you red the SHELL advertisements?
No, they are too clever for me - I'm content just using SHELL gasoline and oil.

(Text below: Everybody knows: You can trust SHELL!)

He said Shell ain't better

They said it was impossible

Thanks Kim!


  1. Shell is a known quantity, everyone knows who Shell is and what they sell. For most people oil is oil and gas is gas, there's no brand loyalty only price. These ads don't have to tell people what Shell's selling, only try to plant Shell in the forefront of their heads for when they have to make a decision they don't really care about.

  2. They said it was impossible (not possible)

    1. whoops, thanks! Fixing that error