Monday, January 21, 2019

Want to listen to something fun? Jay Leno telling the story of when his dad traded in a 64 Ford for a 66 Galaxie, but his parents let Jay check the options... like engine, trans, and muffler delete at the 38 minute mark

I like learning stuff... and I find that learning about people, their biographies if you understand what I mean, their history and stories, is quite fascinating.

Until listening to this episode of the Armchair Expert (Dax Sheppard podcast) I didn't know that Jay Leno's mom was from Scotland, his dad was born in New York to Italian immigants.

 And he is from an OLD family, long years between generation. His Grandad from Italy was born in 1857, and had a vegetable cart, and Jay tells stories about what he learned from him. That's amazing stuff. His dad was born in 1910. Jay was born in 1950. 

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