Tuesday, January 22, 2019

1911 San Francisco to New York run, this Swiss Saurer double chain-drive truck, the “Pioneer Freighter” stops in Albion Michigan, it ran on BF Goodrich hard rubber tires while carrying a three-ton load across country in a two-stage trip.

This run by the truck started early in March of 1911 and traveled west from Denver to Los Angeles, and then North to San Francisco. From there it was shipped by rail to Pueblo, CO and on June 12, 1911, it then headed east to New York and arrived there a month and a half later on August 2nd.

 The truck was built in the US at the Saurer Motor Truck Company factory in Plainfield, NJ that merged with the Mack Brothers Car Company later in 1911.

Today’s enlargeable photo shows a stop on the eastbound Saurer truck trip to New York in Albion, MI at the Albion Garage for a promotional photo. The Service Station sold Goodrich tires and sold the Flanders car, one of which is parked to the left of the truck. The second car is a tourist’s Model “T” Ford touring car.



  1. The truck was built in NJ but the trip started in Denver? I don't get it.

    1. I was born in Michigan, but any trip I take now will start in California.
      So, I just take what I find, post it on my site, so the rest of you don't have to waste time surfing the internet to find these things, then, I hit post.
      If it makes no sense, I get to blame the source.
      In this case, I must guess that they happened to have the truck in Denver when for some reason they were motivated to try this cross country stunt.
      The went across the country half way, twice. That's pretty weird too