Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Why did Von Dutch move his lathe and other machinery into the bus?

After a controller from the building inspector’s office started bugging Von Dutch for having antiquated machinery in his shop, he decided to move into a 1954 public transportation bus, since there is nothing in the vehicle code that says anything about how old the machinery can be.


  1. Ah ya got ta love it. Ol' Dutch was up on his game of wit there. Clever fellow.

    1. he was an intelligent, though troubled, polymath... not many people can fo fine art, motorcycle restoration, pinstriping, and gunsmithing. He also was good at punching louvers, though few people understand how exacting that is, and how precise the mechanic has to be. It's rare to stumble across some new story about someone we've learned so much about.... I was surprised to find this one