Wednesday, May 18, 2016

the Fairlane GT a Go Go, by Gene Winfield! 1966 Chicago Auto Show

Ford Fairlane “GT A Go Go ” on display at the 1966 Chicago Auto Show. It was a tastefully modified two-door hardtop designed by the Corporate Projects Studio and built in California by customizer Gene Winfield.

The unique exhaust system on the 390 V-8 engine allowed for street or track driving. During competition, the driver switched a cutout sending the exhaust through tuned straight pipes with outlets in the rocker panel molding, ahead of the rear wheels.

Finished in a white metallic paint, the body was accented by blue racing stripes that ran the full length of the hood, roof and trunk lid.

Notice the small Tigers above the Fairlane badge... representing GTO tigers beaten at races? Is that the Playboy bunny between the tigers?

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