Thursday, May 19, 2016

What are the oldest car clubs in the USA? What were the car clubs that joined together to form the NHRA?

the Downriver Modified car club in the Detroit area was one of the 13 original NHRA clubs...

But I haven't found any mention of what other car clubs met with Wally Parks to form the NHRA

the Outriders 1932 California (restricted to 50 members)
the Knight Riders of Fullerton formed in 1934 and changed their names to California Roadsters in 1940
Road Runners 1937 (Founded by Wally Parks and Ak Miller)
Gear Grinders 1938
Sidewinders were formed in '39,
the San Diego Roadster Club in '41
Road Devils 1946
Seattle Kustom Klub was formed in January 1946
The Memphis Rodders were formed in 1947.
Prowlers of San Diego 1947
Pandraggers in 1947 Fresno
the Motor City Modified Auto Club 1948,

the very first organized speed trials at Muroc took place on October 9, 1927.

Each member of the Knight Riders club had a hand-painted sheet metal Knight Riders plaque with his number on it. The number was assigned by his roadster’s speed, number one being the fastest.

 By 1936, the ranking of the club’s roadsters by number had become controversial, so in June, the members traveled to Lucerne Dry Lake where a series of timed speed trials settled all arguments once and for all.

 Rules were then established that if a member wanted to advance his number, he must make an official challenge and put up $1. If he won, he got his dollar back and got to exchange plaques with the loser. If he lost, 50 cents went to the guy he challenged and 50 cents went to the club treasury.

The SCTA was formed with the Knight Riders, the Roadrunners, Sidewinders, Throttlers, Ramblers, and Idlers.


  1. Great story. I like the idea of the dollar challenge.

  2. Horseless carriage club founded in 1937