Friday, May 20, 2016

traffic camera footage finally released a week after a cop at 90mph smashes through an intersection plowing into a car it hit so hard, the car did four 360degree spins on the tires

Troopers said Officer Chris Bonner blasted through a red light last Thursday while chasing two armed suspects.

Bonner was allegedly traveling 90 mph when the crash occurred.

Bonner crashed into a vehicle being driven by Yahaira Montalvo, who had the green light. Montalvo was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. Paramedics dragged Castro from her car by her broken arms.

Montalvo said she was on her way to work at a Walmart shortly before 5 a.m. May 12 and was going eastbound on Holden Avenue and had a green light to cross Orange Blossom Trail when she was hit by Bonner's cruiser. Bonner was headed north on Orange Blossom Trail.

She and her attorney are preparing to sue the city of Ocoee, saying that it doesn't matter that the officer was pursuing armed robbery suspects with siren going and lights flashing. If the Florida Highway Patrol ticketed him for running the light, and driving in a manner that's unlawful, the officer was at fault and should have slowed or stopped at the intersection.

Officer Chris Bonner, 29, was found at fault and received a ticket for "failing to obey traffic laws" when he ran the red light, FHP said.

He suffered "multiple broken bones" and remains at the hospital, according to Ocoee police.

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