Tuesday, May 17, 2016

California Cycle Works


  1. My favourite Barris design will always be "The Car".

    1. Dude... you're among car guys... you don't need to send a link to explain what "the Car" is... we know that. But really? Of all the Barris designs, that is the one huh? I'm more a fan of the Mercs, but those were pretty mild customs. If you are only talking about distinct Barris one offs that aren't a shave and chop, I'll go with the Munster cars, though I can't recall if the coffin dragster was a Barris or a Jeffries custom

    2. Hey that's just me. I always prefer a more subdued look, if you can call any of the Barris designs "subdued". Plus it has a face.
      You'd be surprised how many car guys don't know what "The Car" is.

    3. true... you're probably right, there are some that don't know much about the things that ought to be on the entrance exam to Car Guy status. The blogger for some car company, might have been Optima, or Flowmaster .. anyway he posted a photo and mocked Gray Baskerville. Not on my watch you young pissant. I straightened him out with steam and tank treads. They shouldn't allow young know nothings to post on the internet until they know 90% of the respected elders of the craft.