Sunday, May 02, 2021

what colorblind racer boy vomit spew bullshit color scheme is this?


  1. reverse gulf livery? :P

  2. Money can buy BMWs and other expensible stuff.
    But it cannot pay the good taste.

  3. I can picture the owner now, in his eighties, fake tan that makes him look like an oompa-loompa, frizzed out 'perm' wig whose painfully obvious hairline could be spotted from the international space station, dressed up in equal parts 80's euro trash leather, and 60's pro golf fashion, with an entire collection of 'manly' disco-chains around his neck!

    He probably talks in an indecipherable but vaguely coherent Russian accent, while butchering the worst idioms from obscure American tv shows, like a walking 70's Hi-Karate commercial!

    "Da, I shit me not, womens dey fall on the ground quivering wid moistness upon their thighs when I drive dis up on them! I tell dem who loves you babies? huh? Me dats who! Ivan loves you baby we go vroom vroom to my bedchamber all night it is long!"

  4. It's not just a vile color scheme but a hideously ugly vehicle too.