Friday, May 07, 2021

Ohio state senator Brenner used a cgi background of his home office during a Zoom call, while driving with a seatbelt clearly across his chest, to vote on a bill about banning distracted driving

The footage of the meeting, which was streamed live to the public via the state’s broadcaster on Monday, came on the same day Ohio legislators introduced a bill to crack down on dangerous driving, including introducing penalties for texting and livestreaming while behind the wheel.

At the start of the video conference of the board, which makes adjustments to the state budget, Brenner appeared in a parked car. A few minutes later, he left the call before reappearing with a different background featuring wooden cabinets, hanging artwork and a houseplant.

The Republican, who represents a district north of the state capital Columbus, continued to participate in the call, listening and responding to questions while keeping his eyes mostly on the road ahead.


  1. This is just golden... at least we drive with seat belt on.