Sunday, May 02, 2021

There's a couple reasons to ignore that Hot Rod even exists anymore, like it's boring, but did they have to ignore their duty to edit and read it before publishing?

in this example, some moron doesn't know how to spell Duntov.

And ironically ends the next sentence with "Oh, the injustice" 

Hot Rod has really quit giving a shit, and given up on being entertaining and bringing hot rods too. But if you give a rats ass about Chevy transmissions that can stand 1000 horsepower, like that's who's buying Hot Rod magazine?  Then you're in luck and they'll cure your insomnia at the same time.

Years ago when it was a great magazine, and ran features like "Hot Rod Anything" I paid for many years of subscription renewals. Now I can see that was a waste of money.

When Hot Rod magazine can't fucking spell check (with or without Microsoft Word) Zora (father of the Corvette and salvation of Chevrolet) Duntov's name, then it's time for them to throw in the fucking towel and die.

No god damn self respecting car enthusiast magazine should ever be caught with the inability to spell the names, with respect, of the legends that got us here

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