Monday, May 03, 2021

things I'm going to learn this week....

 the difference in price of the Hyundai extended warranty, and the cost of two ignition coils that simultaneously decided they couldn't cope with acceleration, but can deal with any slow and gradual acceleration up to 80 mph. 

Also, just why the hell the ignition isn't covered by the 100,000 mile warranty, and just why the hell an extended warranty would, because I was asked 3 times if I had the extended warranty

Why the hell can't they cope with getting there quickly? My guess is the damn computers that tell them how to operate, are programmed to cause them to misfunction after 64,000 miles. 

Because that's what the hell happened.

Just like the trunk latch that stopped working at 60,500 miles. Computer controlled $475 to fix

That's one way to keep your company earning money, cheap parts, expensive labor


  1. Got a 2019 Mustang conv and one of the back windows only does up to about 1/2 inch from top and has to be pulled to secure. Ford tells me that its an adjustment and not covered by warranty and will cost $250 to do the job as the back interior has to be removed.

  2. Acceleration raises the amount of voltage needed to fire the spark gap. If the coils are going bad, they can't provide enough energy to fire the gaps. If the engine is turbo-charged, the boost pressure will also require more voltage for the spark.

    I would think the coils should be covered in the powertrain warranty. The 2021 Hyundai warranty book says the powertrain warranty covers "Cylinder block/head and all internal parts, manifolds, timing gears..." Is that the 100,000 mile warranty?

    If the coils aren't covered by warranty, it should be an easy DIY repair. You might have to remove the intake manifold if it covers the top of the cylinder head, but the coils themselves are probably just held in with one screw each and are right on top. I would replace all of the coils if you do the work yourself, because the other 2 will probably fail, too.

    1. good explanation! thanks! No one at the dealership bothered to tell me this factual issue. But I just give up on this new car, I'd rather pay to have them do the repair, warranty the whole damn thing, and give me piece of mind than try to learn how many other damn ancillary things need to be done to make the car computer accept the new coil, or whatever other weird shit that needs to be done before removing or replacing parts, as I have read that some stuff is complicated with stuff like that.... all because of computers

  3. Lemme tell ya, 100K warranties are merely there to sell cars. If only we could see the real world data, the number of warranty items that are disallowed by the dealerships. I stupidly bought a Kia Suv, nice car but the windshield washer quit spraying. I filled it with water, still would not work. Took it to the dealer, who had maintained the vehicle since new. No one else touched the car, not even me. The service quy came out and claimed that "I", not someone else, but "I" had filled the wiper reservoir with a "high detergent" solution, which clogged the tubing. The dealership charged me $64 to make the repair as "ignorance" wasn't covered. Screw 'em, it was easier to pay the dosh and never return, then make an argument.

  4. You just invented a new word! And it is a perfect description! Should be added to the Funk & Wagnall's! "misfunction" - perfect!