Thursday, August 29, 2019

The Golden Compass has been remade, and THIS time by a company that isn't afraid to tell religious fanatics to piss off. THIS time they're going to make the sequels too. Steam Punkers? This is for you


  1. The Golden Compass was made by an atheist as an anti Christian movie.

    1. I disagree with you, not because I'm reacting to what you said, but because I believe you're wrong, on more than one facet, and because the movie was true to the books, and they aren't anti Christian. They however are a work of fiction, just like the religions, and in this movie and the book it's based on the concept of some stuff that is annoying to Christians because though it's similar to a soul, which the religions can't classify, define, or describe, the book and movie treat as a material that can be both animal and human and energy.
      So, where is the anti christian stuff in the movie? That polar bears talk? Or are christians cool with that, but upset about something else?
      In my opinion all religions are baloney, and out to take money from the masses, keep women subjugated to men, and elevate the priest class above all the rest. Oh, yeah, and rape the kids. Lots of them do that, either by making weddings happen when girls are 11, 12 years old, or like the east coast catholics, simply let their pedophile priests prey on boys.
      As for asthiests, why would it matter is a movie maker is smart enough to be an antheiest? Isn't that better than being a statue worshipper?

    2. oh, yeah, regardless of all that, the Golden Compass, and the preview for this movie, show it's pretty steam punk! Blimps, steam powered ships, etc etc

  2. First one was... meh, wonder how this one will look. You got me on shiny blimps.