Thursday, August 29, 2019

If you're going to restore cars, you'll need a lot of information on how they are supposed to be, factory fresh, right? That's where big thick books full of decades of knowledge gathering comes in, info on the pesky details

I've seen a book like this for Corvettes about 12 years ago, these are very detail specific books, and show the right nuts and bolts, screws, correct platings and paints for various parts, etc.  is the link for just this book, but look around and you'll see other books, etc etc but since the books are around 150 apiece, you might want to look on Ebay, as someone that is done restoring cars might be trying to sell the stuff they are never going to use again, like parts and books on restoration

I have no idea how thorough THESE books are, but I'm not blowing a hundred bucks on them either. I'm not restoring anything anymore. But maybe you're just getting into restoring, or know someone who is

While looking around, click on stuff, and you might come across pages of color photos that show how things are supposed to be

See what I mean?


  1. Was that factory or some rudimentary modification by the owner? It looks pretty crude

    1. factory. These are just a couple photos to show you the vast variety of photos of the factory look, exactly the way to restore cars for the points at the big car show events