Thursday, August 29, 2019

For some reason, someone recorded 9 minutes of lifted pavement princesses leaving SEMA 2018. Most don't even have a front driveshaft

So, can anyone tell me... what is the point of spending paychecks on making a truck look like these?

I'm all for spending money on vehicles, if there is a reason. Paint? Oh hell yes, blow money on better paint, airbrushed art, pinstriping, candy colors, panel paint, lace paint, etc.

Wheels, rims, suspension? Darn right! What's money for anyway? Improve on those 4 corners!

Stereo? Yup, speakers? The better quality to hear rock n roll, little Red Riding Hood! Better head lights, better engines, better gears, transmissions, exhaust? Yes, yes, and yes please.

But lifting a non 4 wheel drive just to deal with state laws and police over what's legal or not? For a truck that can't leave the pavement or go over a curb without breaking a rim?

That's something I need someone who is logical, hopefully english speaking and eloquent, to explain to me


  1. Back in the 80's my sister coined a term for immaculate, highly-detailed 4WD's that obviously never left pavement: "Gucci Jeeps".

    - Don in Oregon