Tuesday, August 27, 2019

This is a hard fact informative episode of Patriot Act, the Netflix show which does a weekly expose of issues, but quickly, with humor

Example of amazing info dug up by this shows researchers:
100 million dollars a day happens in the US economy because of people that travel on ONE train line.

800,000 people travel on that one train line

Yeah, and that ONE train goes through ONE tunnel from Jersey to New York under the Hudson River   And it's 114 years old.

From Boston to DC, on the ONE train.....moves 20 % of the country's gdp

Just one of Paris' rail systems moves more people than ALL the trains in the USA, combined

Today in Pheonix there is a vote on prop 105. If it passes, they will not only stop the construction of light rail lines, but there is a line in the law that prevents ALL future light rail construction in the future from being built in Phoenix.


Proposition 105
 Is a special election initiative placed on the ballot and set for vote on August 27 is designed to eliminate all light rail by prohibiting the City of Phoenix from further spending on construction, improvement, or design of future light rail transportation.

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