Wednesday, June 20, 2018

it was officially announced last week that Ford has bought Detroit's long-vacant Michigan Central Station for 90 million USD and will revitalize it in the middle of Corktown.

The automaker is expected to renovate the train depot and make it the hub of a campus for advanced automotive technology in the Corktown neighborhood.

The three-story depot with attached 18-story office tower has become a convenient symbol for Detroiters and preservationists to both criticize the city’s development practices and celebrate the ability of its unique as-is built environment to inspire the cultural class.

The Beaux Arts-style train station, designed by the same architectural firms as Grand Central Terminal in New York, opened in 1913 as the tallest train station in the world.

Before renovations begin, Ford is offering the public a chance to attend an open house at Michigan Central Station from June 22-24. Highlights of this complimentary tour include:

Exhibit: Curated in partnership with the Detroit Historical Society, an open and airy exhibit allows guests to explore the rich history of Michigan Central Station and Detroit through visuals, text and artifacts, while taking in the grand architecture around them. The exhibit includes pieces from local artists who capture the spirit of Corktown today.

Self-guided tour: Visitors will have rare access to the entire first floor of the train station with a self-guided tour that showcases images of what the train station once was, juxtaposed with how it looks today. Documentary preview: Visitors will get a first-look at “Detroit: Comeback City,” a HISTORY documentary that charts the mutual rise, fall and rise again story of Detroit and Michigan Central Station in the words of real Detroiters. The documentary will debut at 9 p.m. eastern July 1 on HISTORY.

Community Area: Ford is hosting community engagements in partnership with the Ford Fund inside the station, highlighting local artists, entrepreneurs and the youth from Corktown. Activities include live mural making with Corktown artists and a student STEAM lab.


  1. Excellent ! Good news... You can find some photos from the inside on Google. Fantastic architecture. Hope they will restore it to it's former glory.

    1. I don't want those, I selected the photos I wanted to use, to show it's run down and neglected stage, it's half step to useful stage when the Moroun family was forced to install windows, and the concept art of what Ford intends.
      See, I actually plan out my posts. They often look exactly the way I intend, based on my plan, by choosing the images I want.
      Showing interior photos? Wouldn't convey the neglect in context of the series of photos all showing the same exterior
      Also, I did a feature on the Pittsburg Central Terminal, and it's interior photos, and that post, cover the topic of neglected train station interiors already, but this post covers the sale and future of one on its way to a new use

  2. Isn't Moroun that asshole that controls the bridge to Canada?

    1. yes,

  3. I was leased to one of his companies for almost ten years....the stories I could tell.