Wednesday, June 20, 2018

I bought my friend a bike pump, and was immensely happy to find it was cooler, better, and easier to use than I thought it would be. It's effing great to be surprised and get more than you paid for

 this is what it looks like when packaged. Not all that impressive.
But I bought it based on the price, and the dual use - it's both a compact hand pump, and a CO2 pump

then it shows up, and I'm okay. Only. See, I forgot after ordering it that it has the pull out flex air line. Ever used a bike pump that is rigid metal, and has no flex air line? Every time you pump air in, you're jiggling your bike around. That sucks. Sometimes you get to over doing it, and your arm movement is too much, and you knock over your bike. We all hate that. Either you have to pick it up, clean off the dirt, or fix scratches, or all 3. Totally sucks, and happens too often. 

But this one is way awesome. I love it. No, I didn't get one for free. I paid Amazon for it. I'm not a big enough deal to get free merch for a puff piece post. I post cause I dig the stuff, like that Dewalt folding work bench... also really cool.   23 dollars, really great reviews 89 ratings, 100% approved!

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