Thursday, June 21, 2018

beware when traveling through the Philippine airports, that there is a scam airport security uses to extort money from foreigners. The lone bullet scam

travelers are targeted, as anyone with the money to vacation and fly on an airline has the money to pay a bribe.

Unlicensed possession or purchase of firearms and ammunition is illegal in the Philippines.

CNN Philippines reports that police have recorded 30 alleged cases of the scam, known locally as "tanim bala," between January and November 2015.

Manila's Ninoy Aquino International Airport, has being crowned the world's worst for three years in a row

The Philippine government National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) later confirmed that an extortion syndicate is behind the bullet planting scheme

 According to the NBI's investigation, some porters are involved in identifying potential victims of the bullet planting scam.

Allegedly, airport officials in the security and immigration services present in the four terminals of the airport pursue target victims after their identification by porters.

Usual victims were found to be the elderly and "overseas Filipino workers"

tips for avoiding the scam:
 saran wrap your luggage. This keeps airport workers from tossing a bullet in your luggage pockets

These include using a hard case and avoiding luggage with external pockets
wrapping the entire bag in cling film,
and calling in witnesses, lawyers and airport supervisors if security insists on going through bags.

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  1. A few years ago my wife and I went on a cruise departing Singapore.
    While on board the ship I noticed several bars were closed for the duration of the journey.
    I asked a crew member why they were closed and was told "Australians drink too much."

    Then when we disembarked at the cruise terminal in Singapore, every Australian was placed in one que and had their luggage opened and inspected.

    If you were carrying any alcohol, regardless of whether it was still in its sealed "Duty Free" bag. You were escorted by armed guard to the window to pay duty on each item.

    I had for many years been told Singapore was Clean, Friendly and Cheap.
    A. It was not clean.
    B. It was not friendly.
    C. It was not cheap.

    My advice to any traveller is to save your money and simply transit through Singapore to Japan. Here you will experience the most civilised and friendly Asian country by far.