Friday, June 22, 2018

4 Congressmen requested an investigation to determine if the EPA colluded with Volvo lobbyists to prohibit the use of glider kits.

“It is our understanding that a major original equipment manufacturer and its affiliates lobbied the EPA to secure a prohibition on glider trucks in the (greenhouse gas) Phase 2 rule in 2016,” the letter stated. “When EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt repealed the current glider rule, career employees at the EPA communicated with (Volvo) with the intent of eliminating the glider industry. In our opinion, EPA’s conduct undermines the current administration’s policies and prevents a repeal of the rule.


  1. I looked for a simple answer but none to be found. What exactly is a "glider" truck?

    1. "glider vehicles" — heavy trucks that are built by pairing a new chassis with an old diesel engine and powertrain.
      To make a glider, companies typically combine a new truck body and cab with a salvaged powertrain. The vintage of the reused engine is important: Many of them date to before 2010, when the EPA tightened emissions standards for pollutants such as nitrogen oxide and particulate matter emitted by heavy duty diesel engines.

      For years, usable powertrains had been salvaged from wrecked trucks to make glider vehicles that cost about 25 percent less than new trucks, the EPA says.

      Coffee Man? Use some Google Fu. I'm just a car guy, not the damn answer man, and the 4th answer when Googling "Glider Truck" supplies this result I've just given you
      You ain't getting lazy in your old age are you? Damn, son.

  2. Gliders can also use
    Pre 2000 engines which exempts them from the Elog mandate.

  3. I dont know why anyone uses late model trucks
    in the mid 90s I owned a small trucking company with 4 trucks
    the newer ones with the computer controlled engines were always broke down and in the shop.

    this sensor, that sensor, every time the computer thought something was wrong, it would shut the engine off with no warning. in the middle of an intersection, on the Lake Pontchartrain bridge , the longest bridge in the world at 24 miles long, etc.
    when youre on the longest bridge in the world with no shoulder, I dont care if the engine coolant IS a little low, id like to get off the bridge before the engine shuts itself off.

    the older ones from the 80s with no computer were very reliable.
    if I got back into trucking again, there is no way I would use a truck with a computer controlled engine, I would get one from the 80s and rebuild the worn out parts.
    I bought used Cabovers because they were really affordable, and used Ford LTL 9000s, because they had no resale value, so in 1995 I could earn $1,500 profit a week in a $12K truck
    good money back then, Im not sure truckers can even make that today,
    nowdays you can make more money hauling expedited freight in a cargo van, and using a 4 wheel van, youre exempt from all the taxes , rules and regs

    1. That's a good point. Reducing overhead and getting into higher value transportables makes sense

  4. Currently stuck with a 2016 Peterclunk with a Pukecar engine. Enough said.