Monday, February 20, 2017

living and traveling on the road

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  1. all long haul truckers fit this category.
    I was an independent trucker for years.
    the sleeper bunk on my rig was 36' long
    I built a shower that collapsed down to fit under the bed, with 15 gallon tank that used the engine coolant to heat the water, a fridge under the passenger seat and a chemical toilet under the bunk.
    I didnt use a microwave, I just wedged a can of soup on the engine for about an hour.

    sold my 78 Formula Firebird and my 70 Trans Am, to pay for the very used 18 wheeler, threw my dog in the truck, and hit the road for 3 years.
    this was way before GPS, cell phones, etc. CB radio and a 48 state road atlas was all you had.