Thursday, February 23, 2017

a couple abandoned mining towns had narrow gauge railroads, and rumor has it that one of the narrow gauge locomotives was still at one of the ghost towns.

After closing the mining towns and the trains that served them, a locomotive was left parked on the tracks alongside Gypsum creek. Duane Ericson located the locomotive on its side in the creekbed where the grade had washed out.

That may not have been the only, or the original, locomotive used at Gypsum. Accounts vary, but one of Gypsum’s locomotives may be at the bottom of Milbanke Sound in British Columbia.

 The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management’s wreck tables say that 2000 tons of gypsum and “a locomotive for Tacoma” (possibly being sent out for repairs) were on board the Alaska Barge Co’s James Drummond, southbound from Gypsum, when she ran aground and sank in October of 1914.

Another one was

and here is what it looked like when it was in use

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  1. I think there is a part of one in Idaho..Off HW#3..Brian's 4X4 blog has some interesting stories on Choo-choos in Oregon and Idaho..