Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Factory panther pink Super Bee, pretty rust free appearance, looking for a new home for a decent price. 383, 4 speed, #s matching. Vinyl top delete

If you restored it, you'd have a very unique Mopar, and if it's really this damn rust free, you'd have a good body without the replacement panel issue. There won't be any other pink Super Bees, they only made one.

yes, it's flipped over, the top was harder to read.

Power steering, power brakes, drum all around. 8.75 gears, bucket seats, Center console is missing, just the floor boot around the shifter. Round speedo, not the bar, Hurst shifter

to see more photos, and contact the seller: Sam McConnell - 949-235-4540 -


  1. 32 hard tops Superbee’s made in Panther Pink and 7 Coupe’s in 1970. Rare, but not the only one.

    1. No. The only one. Clearly you're good at stats, and that's nice. So, look at how many pink 1969 Super Bees were made. That 1970 stat is very cool, thanks. Not relevant though, this is a pink 1969 Bee. Also, the hardtop vs coupe distinction... interesting. There were no 4 door Super Bees... and I don't recall any convertible Super Bees, so, they were all hard tops, and that would mean they were either with or without the B pillar.