Saturday, February 25, 2017

I did come across some cool things at the swap meet (which really has very little car related stuff anymore)

This was the coolest home made trophy idea I've seen in a long time. But back to what I was saying about what used to be a good swap meet, it's total garage sale now. More 33 rpm lp records than I've seen in one place that wasn't a record store, more old vcr tapes than I've seen since Blockbuster closed down, more clothes racks, and rusted out junk.

yup, way back in the 30s the cars would get flats a lot, and just using the engines exhaust to pump it up actually worked. An adapter for the spark plug hole in the head, to a hose, to the tire valve.

Problems? Yeah, gasoline was put into that tire, so... not good.

I've never seen a "Firestone" radio before

Fatman steering would swing out of the way so you could get in and out of the car. For a couple different examples of these aftermarket advances in steering wheels, see

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  1. Anal-O-Scope?
    I didn't know Snap-On made tools for proctologists.