Wednesday, February 22, 2017

An old Jeep Wagoneer buried in a partially collapsed garage at Cape Cod for 40 years to be removed

in the above photo, the house to the left? Yup, that one with all the additions in behind it. Well the small dark shrub covered dune to the left of the telephone and light pole, that is the other side of this collapsed and partially sand dune covered garage where the Wagoneer has been for decades

"I remember it being in the garage," said Graham whose home is near the buried Jeep "It's like a white Wagoneer."

As the town begins this spring to allow the shifting dune near the Musnuff's property to cover beach parking spaces, the time was right to ask the family to move the Jeep too, the town Manager Rae Ann Palmer said. "It should be moved for environmental concerns,"

The family had wanted to get the Jeep out of the garage for years, but the town wouldn't let them move the sand, "Now they (the town) want it out," Basil Musnuff's mother owns the property. He says he began visiting in the 1970s and has never seen the Jeep driven.

Today, the weathered cottage at the center of the issue sits precariously on a dune between the present parking lot and the beach.

When the owners of this cottage were asked what they planned to do, they replied, “We’ll just wait for it to fall in.”

On Feb. 10 the town conservation commission issued an order of conditions for the move, scheduled for Friday, weather permitting.

The family's house and a horse barn-turned-shed, both built before 1895 according to town historical records, sit atop a grassy dune with the garage half-encased in sand at the toe. The garage's crushed roof nearly obscures the Jeep inside.

Friday, a contractor hired by the family will take the roof off the garage and pull the Jeep out. The garage will then be filled back up with sand.

Emily Beebe with the town’s conservation committee said, "Literally, a couple of days later the town will be pulling parking lot up and then doing the same thing, letting the dune restore itself in that area which it hasn't been able to do for decades because of the parking lot."

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