Tuesday, June 28, 2016

sticking the landing, but not tacoing the rim

Thanks Steve!


  1. What is "tacoing the rim?" (I'm old)

    1. google search tacod rim, and look at the images. When a rim is hit real hard, it will bend like folding a piece of paper. From the normal flat rim, it bends along an axis half the circumference of the rim, and just like a taco, attains a letter "U" shape. And then you throw it away and stop doing stupid stunts that break your rims!

  2. That's a hell of a jump. That guy has some real skills.

    A note about taco'd wheels. If you put a lot of stress on the wheel in a direction not lined up with the plane of the wheel it can upset the equilibrium of spoke tension and you end up with a taco. If that happens, sometimes (depending on the wheel) you can take the wheel off the bike, lay it on the ground, and stand on the high points - and it will snap back into shape. This can be enough to get back to home/car, but it usually damages the wheel enough that it will need repaired or even replaced.

  3. Thank you. For the record, I used to be able to ride a bike backwards. Sit backwards on the handlebars and peddle the bike forward. Good for bragging rights, thats all.