Tuesday, June 28, 2016

The previous ranch wagon post is deleted. But here are a couple photos to show what Troy Martin of Full Scale Hot Rods built over a 2002 Z06, a cool '53 Ranch Wagon


Speaking of "on with the show" this wagon won the 2014 Best of Show at Cruzin Pismo Beach


and was featured in Gear Heads 4 Life magazine summer of 2015 issue

and that is a lot of good coverage for just one car.

if you're just seeing this for the 1st time, I already posted this wagon from photos from another website because that site did a good job with photos and the basics of the story, but the prima donna was upset I didn't get her permission to share with you her cool story and post, and zapped me an email telling me off for not "asking permission" to use her photos. So I pulled those photos and credit to the little princesses site (if you'd met her, you'd agree) and instead, did this cool wagon over a Vette chassis justice with a proper post of what this car maker has accomplished, where he's brought the wagon, the trophy he won, and the full magazine feature he's been given for his car's outstanding craftsmanship.

But her attitude? Nasty.
Well, ain't that a bitch. Try and share with my readers what a cool car she found and she blows a gasket.

But get this...

here is her incredibly fast and mistaken reply:

Please check yourself. I don't appreciate the comment on your site calling me a bitch. That is totally inappropriate and uncalled for. I never asked for you to take it down. I simply asked for you to come to me first before illegally downloading my images. I didn't want to have to involve my lawyers. I have a reputation to uphold, and I'd appreciate you not calling me derogatory names online. 
I'm not sure where you get off speaking to a fellow enthusiast the way you have. I don't remember meeting you and I was probably too new in the industry when I did to realize you meant downloading my images. And to be honest, I find your response to be more immature than the polite e-mail I sent. 
Take down the post you just put up. I don't want to have to involve my lawyer. But I will if necessary

Daddy's lil princess trotted out the ol lawyer threat. Ha! If she even bothered daddy's lawyer with this, they'd laugh her out of their office, and charge her dad an hour just for having to put up with her whiny overpriveldged attitude


  1. https://youtu.be/hf3VytoXWBQ

    1. that is the video I had already embedded in the post... 2nd image up from the bottom, but thanks!