Thursday, June 30, 2016

This seems to be the first time I've seen o rings for tires, that are rolled on the rims for sideways movements

Thanks Steve!

The movements of the tree branches in the background prove the video is 2x speed, and there is very very little to suggest these tires car be driven on at freeway speeds, or even safely turn the vehicle at speed without overcomeing the mechanism that allows the orings to roll on the rim.

And after seeing this article, the immediate question is why is a London resident showing a car in Canada? says he's from London  but says he's Canadian and says he's both

The dual o rings will have less contact with the ground than normal tires, and I can't see anyone jumping in to buy this.... lots more unsprung weight than a conventional rim and tire, hampering acceleration and braking, and too much electrical consumption to roll those orings sideways. Also, I bet they are useless on frozen slippery snow, ice, and slush

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