Thursday, June 30, 2016

Taxi cab companies have a lot of competition... other than corrupt politicians, what do they have to help them survive this surge of entrepreneurs looking to make an app and profit from other people driving?

Uber                Lyft              Fasten             GetMe
SafeHer           Fare             Arcade City    Sidecar
Flywheel         Ruby Ride   Shuddle           Black Car
Split                Gett             Car2Go

SafeHer, whose entire reason for existing is to provide safe rides for women,

GetMe, which refuses to reveal the identity of its CEO, only exists in las Vegas and 5 cities in Texas is an SOS thing, you can either catch a ride, or have them deliver something.

Arcade City is peer-to-peer and in Texas only

Fare is only in Phoenix and Austin,

Car2Go is using your credit card to rent a compact little car and drive yourself, using an app to find an available car, in available big city markets, and limited areas of high population, and park the car when you're done with it without parking charges, fuel costs, or annual fees.

Things to consider:
Vehicle safety checks... who is verifying the car you'll be riding in has met the DMV standards for driving on public roads (lights, tires, etc)
Background checks on drivers... what has been looked at to see if the driver has criminal or mental health records? Were they simply looked up on Google and Facebook to see if there is anything that red flags them? Or did they get screened in the city, county, and federal criminal systems for arrest records, DUI, sex offender, restraining orders, and so on? Previous work history and references? Taxes and SSN to determine legal resident status? Car insurance records for safe driving or crashes? Speeding tickets? Was the driver fingerprinted and checked through Live Scan?

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