Friday, February 19, 2016

Norm Grabowski at the 1960 L.A. Roadster Show, and the Beatnik Bandit, and Tommy Ivo's T

I've never heard of this car though. I wonder if someone is a proud owner of it still? 
Update, Feb 2017, I realized that this is the same car that he turned into the "Porter" of the tv show My Mother The Car


  1. Was not the Ivo car used in My Mother the Car? The tv show with Jerry VanDyke?

    1. looks like it could be, you can see the "1928 Porter" in this post and I'm sorry that links won't work in this damn comment section, but, I've posted a photo of the "My Mother The Car" and it was a similar car, that's for sure!
      Good catch!

    2. there was claims that Breedlove and that Barris built the My Mother car, but I think you've nailed it! Headlights look the same, different grill and hood of course. Bumper is so similar I'll say it's the same one
      Steering wheel appears the same, and so do the seats