Wednesday, February 17, 2016

I'd bet you a 12 pack that no one has ever made a poster of vehicles with this cool theme before, illustrator David Sparshott does incredible art!

Bicycle Rack Support Vehicles

Sparshott’s Iconic Race Support Vehicles prints land in the Rouleur shop days after a discussion in the office about team vehicles and how photographs of convoys past have a power to instantly transport you to a previous era: the model, the shape, the wing-collared mechanic dutifully loading bikes onto the roof.

Sparshott admits that researching the vehicles took “absolutely ages” and involved a range of sources, including Corgi models, but he remained convinced of the concept.

“I thought that would make a really nice print edition, if I could go through lots of archival photos and find some rare or iconic vehicles that were used; the really distinctive ones.

“We haven’t really had them in the last 20 years. We went through a period where everyone had Skodas. Now everyone has Mercedes and BMWs, or Jaguars, like Team Sky. Before, it was really individual, some lovely old cars, and I really loved the retro feel to it; it just went hand-in-hand with the visuals, the sponsorship.

“I really enjoyed putting it together, but it took a lot of getting reference material together, and making sure I had the right model, and the right names and graphics on the side. It was definitely my favourite one to do.”

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