Thursday, March 13, 2014

Jon doesn't get it

When I posted the above a couple months ago...   most people felt sympathy for the guy who has had this Firebird since he was 16, for 34 years he's taken care of it, had adventures in it, dates his wife in it... went to ballgames with friends in it. But the firetruck rolled down a hill and crushed it.

Jon wrote in the comments function:
while the people above me are worried about the firebird I feel bad for the fire department that just lost a Keene piece of fire apparatus

  1. and I replied
    that fire truck is replaceable with another new fire truck... that car? Hasn't been a new one in 42 years, and that owner? Has spent 34 years taking care of it, having adventures in it, intending to give let his kids drive it to prom, high school graduation present to his kids maybe, and meantime take it to shows, cruises, and other car stuff. His loss isn't negligible. I hope you can find some understanding Jon... that fire truck was a piece of gear, that car was a family treasure with history and future.

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  1. This looks like a case for Chip Fosse and Make Over. Now I know that the Firebird destroyed can not be fixed, but there are lots of '69's out there, and I think there are a few good parts left on Bill Vickery's Bird to use on the make over car.