Monday, March 10, 2014

Fair Dinkum Aussie All Day at Lakeside Park , South East Queensland that Darryl sent me to share with all of you... never can get enough Australian cars or accent!

Robert let me know that the top and bottom are Holden Torana LX SS hatchback.  308 cu in 5.0 litre V8

I have had some overwhelming help from Rhys, Stephen, Robert and Darryl to identify these cars, (much more editting to happen tonight to get the info put in here with the cars!) thank you all!

this is a 1970 Holden Torana LC XU above

I recognize the above, a Ford XA Falcon with 12 slot wheels and a 308

Holden Torana LH

Ford Falcon XY

of course the above is a Valiant Pacer VH

Above 1970 Ford XY GT Falcon Vertical split grill and centered bonnet scoop 

and below,1969 Ford XW GT Falcon bonnet scoop on right side  Super Roo...

Holden GTS Monaro HQ

above 1972 XA Ford Falcon Farimont XC Hardtop and Red 1976 Ford XC Fairmont Hardtop

Holden Premiere HT

Above a Valiant Regal VG

Valiant Pacer VG

Holden GTS Monaro HK

above a Valiant Regal VG

Above a Ford Falcon XA GT

Above, a Holden Torana LH 4 dr and Torana LX hatchback. 5.0 litre V8

The above are given away a bit by the license plates, the red is and yellow are both Ford Falcon XB GT

Holden GTS Monaro HQ

Ford Falcon GT XY and Holden Torana LJ

Holden GTS Monaro HT and Holden HT ute

above a Holden Torana LX SS hatchback.5.0 litre V8

Holden GTS Monaro HQ

Ford Falcon GT XY

Ford Falcon GT XY with original Globe Bathhurst rims

above Holden Torana GTR XU LJ

Holden Torana SS LX

Ford Falcon GT XY

Ford Falcon XW Super Roo

Holden Torana SS LX

Thanks to Darryl, who sent me the info on the cars just now (Update Tuesday 8am)
The 4 door Ford Falcons were from around 1967 to 1971 .

There were fours models  : XR , XT , XW , and the XY .

The XR and XT had round tailights .

The XW and XY were the popular ones and had rectangle type tailights that crept around the side slightly so you can actually see them in most 3/4 photos . 

The XY had a silver vertical bar in the centre of the grille .

I remember the biggest claim was the  GTHO version with the centre hood " Shaker " was the fastest four door production car in the world at the time .  

The GTHO race version also came in various levels of Muscle . Called phase 1 , 2 , 3 .

The shaker was part of the air cleaner , so it would shake as the engine revved . 

Then came the XA , XB , XC , and so on . 

The green 2 door is an XA with a mainly horizontal stripped grille but not a GT  . 

The white 4 door is a XA too .  But the green is only a 302 cu in , and the white is a 351 and a GT with the black vents just at the front of the front fenders .

The yellow and orange pair are XB ones , with a black honeycomb grille . And a GT351 sticker just behind the front wheel .

The dark red is an XC , but not a Falcon , but a Fairmont with the big rectangle headlights . Done up to resemble a GT though with rear wing , hood scoops and dummy vents in front of the back wheels .

Lots of help here with links , etc ....

Onto the Holdens now ...

The little Toranas were a favourite as they hit the race track with their 6 cylinders and ran with , and sometimes beat the big V8 Falcons .

Some info here ...

There were two versions of the race toranas at first the LC and the LJ . 

The gold one is an LC with a mainly chrome grille . 

The race version was code named GTR-XU1 and had vents in the front fenders , and were always 2 door . 

The pic I first emailled you  ( were are those ones ??? ) of the green one was an LJ with a mainly black grille .  

The tailights were different too .

The dark grey one is a LJ , 4 door but with GTR front guards 

Then came Toranas with 308 cu in V8's , and they were LH and LX . 

First came 4 door , muscle versions called SLR 5000 , and the race version code name L34 . 

Then in the LX , the V8 ones got a SS badge in the grille . As well as keeping the massive hood reverse scoop , and rear spoiler , and wheel flares that were on the LH .

The 2 door hatchback version of the race variety was coded the A9X . ( very rare to find these days ) 

So , yes the red 2 door is in fact a LX , but I think the green SLR 5000 is an LH . 

Now onto the Holden Monaro , which I'm a bit sketchy on ... I wish my Dad was still alive , he would be able to tell you everything you want to know without taking a breath !!!

Let's look at  ...

Generation 1 of the Monaro was 1968 to 1971 . HK , HT , HG , were the model codes . The fast ones were tagged GTS . 

These HK , HT , and HG also hade 4 door family cars called the Kingswood ( very big seller ) , which also came in Utes , Wagons , and Vans . 

The utes are a very popular shape with those wanting something tough , and as can be seen in the photos such as the black one , which is a HT , but not a normal Kingswood grille , but a Premier model grille with four headlights . 

The orange ute has been nicely done with Monaro front guards , and is a HT 

So the blue one is a HK with the hood stripe to one side . and running any of the V8's available  = 307 , 327 or 350 cu in . 

The white one with the vinyl roof is a HT with the stripe in the hood centre . It has the 4 vents in the front guard under the GTS badge , and bonnet scoops . 

The little badge just near the front bumper wrap around showed the size of the engine . 

The purple one I sent first is simply a HK , restored , but not a GTS . 

Second Generation Monaros were 1971 to 1977 .

These started with the HQ , then the HJ , HX , and finally the HZ , although the 2 door stopped with HX.

The HQ had a similar GTS badge to the generation one Monaros long and flat  , but then the others changed to a GTS badge similar to the SS badge on the toranas in the centre of the grille , and compact yet taller . All badges were in red . The vents in the front guards were now horizontal . 

HQ holdens were a huge seller . The Monaro GTS were available in 4 door and 2 door . 

So in the photos , there is a silver 4 door HQ GTS Monaro . 

An orange 2 door GTS , and a restored dark grey GTS : both HQ . And both these two are running the original GTS wheels too . 

No photos of any of the other Monaro models included .

Again , all these models also came out in 4 door family cars , Utes , Wagons , and Vans .

Now Valiants ..... not a family favourite , so not alot of knowledge here . But looking back now , they were awesome . 

The favourite was the Charger ( in the first lot of four photos : the silver one  ) , where they ran a big 6 cylinder , and were fast on the race track . 

The full on race version was called the Six Pack R/T Hemi , coded in either E38 or E49 in 265 cu in . 

Never understood why it had a 4 decal on it ???

They started with a model called the VH , then came , VJ , VK , and finally the CL . 

The silver one is a VH .

More info here ...

There were Valiants in 4 door , 2 door , wagons , and utes too . 

These were models  had many codes starting from around 1959 . 

In the photos is a cool red 2 door . 

This looks like a VG model ( rectangle headlights and indicators on the top of the guards . ) This was one tough model as it was called the Pacer , and could come with the racey 245 cu in 6 cylinder . That sticker in the rear circle says  " Pacer 245 " . There were options on this car depending on how many carbys you wanted . The 4 door Pacer was available too . 

The blue 2 door is simply a Regal ( that's what the letters at the rear say ) , again its a VG . 

Also the Mustard coloured one with the black vinyl roof is also a VG . The little badge behind the front wheel usually read  " Hemi 245 " 

The bigger Valiant 4 door is a VH  , once again dubbed the Pacer . This one appears to have a 440 in it based on the number plate , but this wasn't a factory option , just a big six . 

But these big Valiants soon lost their popularity as the Charger was released . 

Again .. some info here .

So I hope that hasn't made your head spin too much . Wow , I didn't realise I had remembered so much ... my Dad would be proud ...


  1. Locally known as Holden Torana and Monaro (GM), Ford Falcon, and Valiants (Chrysler). Nice post Jesse.

    1. I'd love to post the name of each in order... The Valiant Charger 6 pack I've got... but all the rest? Properly done, for informational and educational purposes... maker, model, variant, trim level, and or engine... like that. That there are Holdens, Monaros, Fords and Valiants I can make out, but not the specifics of each... such as the super bird

    2. I'm a Ford guy, I Guess. But my limited knowledge may help.
      3rd Green Ford XA Falcon (indicators on side of body) Hardtop with 12 slot wheels.
      7th Orange 1970 Ford XY GT Falcon Vertical split grill and centered bonnet scoop
      8th White 1969 Ford XW GT Falcon bonnet scoop on right side
      10th Green1972 XA Ford Hardtop and Red 1976 Ford XC Fairmont Hardtop (higher specification interior, squared headlights)
      18th Pair of XB GT Ford Falcons (Indicators on bumper)

    3. thanks! I've added your info! Sure appreciate it! XA, XB, XY and XW are models I need to learn!

  2. and I've only found one Ford Falcon Super Bird before is that it's proper name?