Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I just met a cool car guy at the food court... he bought two classics for his kids!

when his boy was a tyke, he bought a 67 Dart GT.... and then his boy grew to be 76 foot 9 and doesn't fit in it.

He bought a 65 Mustang for his daughter, and when she went to college, his wife decided it wasn't a safe car for the daughter (who has wrecked her PT Cruiser 3 times already)

What is a great guy like this to do? His kids, they aren't meant for great cool old cars! One won't fit, one can't drive safe!


  1. It doesn't matter what he buys. They will destroy it. It is the nature of children and cool cars.

  2. teach the ckick how to stop texting and pay attention to where she is driving!
    take away her smart phone for a month every time she dents the car.

    send her to a performance driving school before she hurts someone.
    or loses her DL, in my state if youre under 18 and get a conviction on more than one traffic ticket you lose the DL till youre 18.

    and buy a larger car for your tall kid.

    my son was 6'2'' before he turned 15.

    so his dreams of having a 88 Fiero GT or a 71 Trans Am or Mustang went out and he picked out a 77 Chevy Stepside 4WD, 4 speed instead.